You are here to learn how to fight the PUSH and the deep primal need to PUSH anyone and everyone, including the ones you love. 

Bullying is an Unfortunate Part of Life

My research shows in order for people to stop the PUSH, each of us must  start with an intolerance for bullying. Sadly, bullying is in all human DNA and it makes humans feel pleasure and power to bully. 

The government defines bullying as...

"unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose." 

The governments definition is a very limited view of bullying.  Children of all ages bully. Adults bully each other and their children. Teachers bully students. Policemen bully citizens. I bully and so do you. The act of any aggression whether passive or in your face, is Bullying.

Furthermore, the PUSH is more than bullying it includes the use of subtle words, the sly turn of the lips, the passive turning away of the eyes. 

It also disguises its self as humor.  The very act of kidding or joking with family or friends is PUSHing.  PUSHing is the way human establish their pecking order, their societal structure.  It is deadly, mean and vicious, it is an unfortunate part of life that rewards the pusher and crushes the bullied.

Today, because of the need to establish  larger pecking orders, we are fed a steady diet of the PUSH, from  TV news to the Internet social scene. Facebook and Twitter  are mostly  gossip about one's self or others and both have  become the vehicle for outright PUSHing by the masses.

Research shows that seventy five percent of all human speech is gossip and people love to gossip.  Gossip is the PUSH..

Television entertainment shows rely on the PUSH to get and keep a large audience.  We are fed the PUSH because we demand it and  love the feeling that we get when we see or hear or read about  an attack on other people.  


Lions and tigers and bears have sharp claws and teeth. Cattle, deer and elk have sharp horns and hooves. Man has no organic defense but one....The PUSH. 
Basically, the PUSH is man's way of protecting babies, so to insure the success of our species over the forces of extinction.  You PUSH because the PUSH is your fang, your horn, your claw of protection. 

The PUSH is old and like our appendix and wisdom teeth, it is no longer needed for human survival.  Sadly, our brain does not know that the times have changed.  It continues to wreck havoc on our family, our tribe and humanity.

Living the No PUSH Life

Can the PUSH be stopped?  Yes, 65% of the PUSH can be controlled.



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